In the midst of his most difficult season, Ravens running back Ray Rice vowed that he'll rededicate himself during the offseason to try to regain his old form as one of the top all-purpose backs in the league.

During a season where he battled a strained left hip flexor earlier this season and currently has a quadriceps injury, Rice ranks 26th in the NFL in rushing with 645 yards and is averaging 3.1 yards per carry.

This is his worst season statistically since the three-time Pro Bowl selection became a full-time starter in 2009 and the lone season he hasn't rushed for at least 1,143 yards since his rookie season in 2008.

"It’s life," Rice said. "From a personal standpoint understanding that I played through a lot this year. For me to get back out there and just battle and not worry about what I have to do statistically and coming out week in and week out.

Statistically, I put all that stuff aside. But personally, I’m glad I was able to overcome some things. I’ve had a platform NFL career and everything has been great.

"Even for some of the people to say you lost a step, it’s different when you have an injury that controls things that you’re normally good at doing. I had to battle that this year but needless to say, I still have to focus on this year and finishing out this year as strong as I can, and next year will be next year.

I’ll make sure I’ll come back in the best shape, bigger, faster, stronger, whatever you want to call that stuff, to prove myself again that I’ll still be a premier running back in the NFL."

The 5-foot-8, 212-pounder missed just one game this season with the hip injury, but the injury appeared to rob him of the explosiveness and tackle-breaking ability he'd displayed previously. In the open field, Rice hasn't been nearly as elusive as he was in prior seasons.