With a new Super Bowl champion crowned and the 2013 off-season already in full swing, one of the game's most notable warriors — a warrior that has a lot of history in games against the Indianapolis Colts — is riding off into the sunset.

But not without a trail of mystery, tragedy and sorrow at his heels.

That warrior, is Ray Lewis. His legacy as a one of football's greatest talents ever is ending, but his journey as a regular human being has resumed.

During the next stage of his life, Lewis won’t be celebrating anymore wins on Sunday with his teammates. Lewis, instead, will be taking a shot at life behind the cameras. He'll still be a star, but he will also have a great deal of time to think about the haunting images of two men that were murdered in 2000.

It has been thirteen years, but the answer to what happened on that fateful January night is no closer to being disclosed. If anyone knows what happened, it's still, well, Ray Lewis.

On the field, Lewis was an animal — a rare breed of athlete that ended his illustrious playing career with yet another Super Bowl ring. No one can question Ray Lewis, the player. That’s unarguable.

However, questioning Ray Lewis, the man, is a different story.

After the Ravens thrilling victory over the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, Lewis was ready to provide one of the biggest media venues of the year with his larger than life personality. He was a champion, again, and it was time to let the world know how great God he felt about it. There’s nothing wrong with that, either. But when would questions about 2000 come? You just knew someone was going to ask about it, but I don't think anyone expected it would come from his ex-teammate, now CBS analyst, Shannon Sharpe.