Ravens linebacker Rolando McClain has settled one matter of legal business in his hometown of Decatur, Ala. As reported by The Baltimore Sun, McClain pleaded guilty to having window tinting on his vehicle that was too dark. After McClain agreed to pay the $186 fine, authorities dropped another charge — providing false information for signing an obscenity instead of his name on the citation.

Still unresolved is McClain’s arrest for disorderly conduct last month. In that incident, as recounted by a Decatur police lieutenant on 105.7 The Fan, McClain supposedly was egging on a crowd in a park when police arrived to quell a disturbance.

“It appeared that whoever it was was trying to get the crowd stirred up,” Lt. John Crouch said via Pro Football Talk. “They eventually identified the person in the crowd, moved in and told him he was under arrest for disorderly conduct. At which point, he tried to jerk away. The officers grabbed his arms, he continued to struggle, trying to pull the officers further into the crowd. They did eventually get handcuffs on him. At that point, they recognized him as Rolando McClain.”