The Ravens were able to win last week without scoring a touchdown, but this week’s attempt isn’t going quite so well.

The Patriots lead 17-0 at halftime in Baltimore after 30 minutes when almost nothing went right for the home team. Joe Flacco was 5-of-10 when he had time to throw, he was sacked three times when he didn’t and didn’t look entirely comfortable at any point during the first two quarters. Whether that’s because of his sprained knee, the Patriots defense or both, it’s been a dismal offensive start for Baltimore.

Things weren’t much better in other phases of the game, either. The defense tightened up in the second quarter, but the Patriots were able to cash in with touchdowns on two of their red zone trips after struggling in that area against the Dolphins last weekend. On top of that there were seven penalties, an interception and an apparent fumble recovery wiped out when replay showed Danny Amendola was down before the ball was out.