When we told you back at the winter meetings that the Mariners were talking to Raul Ibanez, I did not think the team would sign both him and Jason Bay. But apparently, I was wrong.

The Mariners just agreed to a one-year, major league deal with Ibanez.

He will be looked at as an option in both outfield corners, as a designated hitter and as a possible first base option if the team needed one.

No one knows yet exactly how any of this will shake down. The plan is for Ibanez to come into spring training and compete for a spot and where he winds up will depend largely on how some of the team's younger players perform.

Remember, we still don't know which young players will still be with the club come spring training. There is a possibility one or more could be moved for another piece, so we'll see.

But Ibanez returns to a city where he broke into the majors, then returned for a second go-around in the middle of last decade. He left the Mariners after the 2008 season and enjoyed success with playoff teams in Philadelphia and New York. The truth is, the Mariners have not had any real type of offensive power production from the outfield corners since Ibanez left.

He no longer plays full-time, but that should be a good fit for a Mariners team with a lot of floating parts in the outfield corners, first base and at DH.