When reporters linked the Miami Heat to then-free agent Rashard Lewis last July, I said he wouldn't fill any of the Heat's needs. I even pondered whether his days as a productive NBA player were over during the preseason.

I have no problem admitting now that I was wrong. Lewis has pleasantly surprised me thus far.

Of course, it's not as if Lewis has suddenly become a better rebounder and defender. He's grabbed a grand total of zero boards in the last two games. Carmelo Anthony seemingly toyed with Lewis whenever he got the mismatch in Miami's lone loss this season. In an ideal world, I'd love for the Heat to have an athletic, young power forward like Kenneth Faried. But the 33-year-old has shown that he can still contribute on the offensive end of the floor. That's certainly more than Lakers fans can say for Antawn Jamison.

Towards the end of the third quarter against the Hawks Friday night, the Heat did something I would've never expected them to do. Miami went to Lewis on three consecutive possessions, even while LeBron James was on the court with him. Lewis made a 3-pointer and then posted up his man and made two turnaround jumpers. To be fair, 6-foot-5 Anthony Morrow defended Lewis on those possessions, but the Heat still felt confident that he would take advantage of the smaller defender in the post.