Bryan Colangelo is willing to be patient.

He is clearly not concerned with appearances or outside opinions.

The man who seems to be continually defending himself for selecting Andrea Bargnani first overall even five years after the fact, put himself right back in the crosshairs of the Don Cherry Euro-hating crowd by taking Lithuanian big man Jonas Valanciunas with the fifth overall pick.

Valanciunas comes with a huge red flag in that potential buyout problems with his team in Europe could mean it will be a year or even two before he can join the team.

Colangelo admitted in the days leading up to the draft that may taint the player on some team's eyes, but not necessarily the Raptors.

"A little bit," Colangelo conceded, "but I don't think it would absolutely scare us away. There is some thought that if you can't get the guy you shouldn't pick him. I kind of view it a little bit differently. If he is the best potential five prospect in the draft and he is worth being the fifth pick, it's very unlikely that any No. 5 pick is going to come in and have an immediate impact.

"Whether he is here working out with our guys or playing one more season over there getting physically mature and getting ready for the jump to the NBA, I think we could work with that. It's something we are strongly considering as we look at the draft. I don't think he'll slide too far down. If he does it will be a shame because he will have been done a big disservice."

Colangelo made sure that disservice never occurred.

The flags in fact are likely the only reason he was still there at five.

Colangelo said last night that he is planning to get on a plane and get over to Lithuania as soon as possible and get this thing sorted out.

As for the Euro naysayers out there, Colangelo said any backlash from them never entered into the equation.

"I can't worry about where they are from," Colangelo said of his selections. "I can only worry about how they fit into our plan.