Maybe we’ve just been spoiled.

Maybe these past few weeks — hell, even the losses seemed impressive for the most part — have our perspective totally out of whack.

But even on the heels of win No. 10 in the past 15 games, this day off the Raptors have coming to them today can’t come soon enough.

The 112-91 win over a Detroit Pistons team that is in full struggle mode, while effective, was nothing more than that.

Raptors head coach Dwane Casey preached the end of the pretty games in the NBA, particularly the Eastern Conference — and to a point we agree — but there’s a wide gap between pretty and ugly and Wednesday’s win was much closer to the latter.

Give the Raptors full credit for overcoming a dreadful first half and finding their collective legs in the third, but this team is in dire need of some rest.

That two-day layover in Miami appears to have cost the Raptors its collective shooting stroke.

Not sure what went on down there as the Raptors waited for a plane that could get them to Indy, but for whatever reason the shooting has been off since then.

Tuesday in Indy, the Raps shot just 37%. Last night they came in a tick under 41%, but that was only after shooting 50% for the seocnd half.

Last night, it was the combination of DeMar DeRozan and Amir Johnson who led the struggle by going a combined 0-for-16 in the first half and just 7-for-28 for the game.

The night before it was Johnson, Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross combining for just two field goals on 19 attempts.

Fortunately, Ross and Valanciunas found the mark just as DeRozan took his turn spitting the bit or both games could have been very ugly.

As it were, things were ugly enough Wednesday with just DeRozan and Johnson struggling.

The fact that the Raps were still able to come away with the win with its leading scorer stuck in mud all night says as much about the Pistons as it does the Raps resiliency.

The Pistons threatened to make the Raptors pay through the first 24 minutes, but when the Raptors turned up the intensity in the third, the Pistons wilted.