We all heard from Tim Leiweke the other day about the possibility of “re-branding” the basketball part of the Maple Leaf Sport and Entertainment empire.

Everything from colour scheme to uniform design to, presumably, the name (although that was not specifically mentioned) seems to be on the table with an eye to what sounded like major change ahead of the 20th anniversary season a couple of years hence.

Big deal?

Not really.

I don’t know that “brand” means anything more than the ability to sell shirts and jerseys and hats, and I guess that would be one of the primary goals of an organization in business to make money.

But I don’t think anyone should think because the colours are different or the uniform changes or even the name gets altered that it will all of a sudden mean renewed respect around the league or be a way to attract players, coaches or executives.

In all my years, outside of the first uniform with the pinstripes and the goofy dinosaur, I don’t recall anyone being all that bothered about any of the accoutrements that came along with the gig.

Personally, I’m quite fine with the colour scheme, I kind of like the uniform with the subtle acknowledgement of Canada with the Maple Leaf on the back and I don’t know how much altering they can, or should, do.

The name?

Sure, Raptors is not perfect and I can live with a change there (Huskies? Towers? Rough Riders?) but to think that’s all of a sudden going to change the perception of the team is, frankly, ridiculous.

It’s not like there’s some glorious past they can honour with a name and it’s not like “Raptors” has been hurting them at all.