Steve Novak knows what it’s like to get in a zone shooting threes.

He still doesn’t feel he has been there yet in a Raptors uniform.

Novak hit three in short order in that Golden State game, long before the fourth quarter meltdown came about, but admits he’s still looking for his first Toronto zone experience.

“I wouldn’t even say I was in a zone that game,” Novak said. “I would say when you’re in a zone it’s for a longer period of time. Those to me were just good looks that went down and comes with chemistry and extended playing time and just kind of anticipating where you are going to get your shots.

“When all those things are clicking, when you know where you are getting your shots, you are getting your shots and that day your first couple are going down, I think that’s when you really hear about a guy being in a zone.”

Novak admits it’s a fine line between being “in the zone” and feeling comfortable. The latter he reached in Toronto long ago. The former is still a work in progress.

“I just try to always be aggressive,” he said. “I know that’s what I’m in there to do — space the floor and shoot the ball. The guys got me the ball in good spots (Tuesday night). We were running in transition and it was just bop, bop, bop. A lot of times, as shooters, once you see that first one go in, the next one you have so much fresh confidence. It just ended up being in my hands three quick times.”

Novak has only been active for 11 of the Raptors 17 games missing six with back problems and it’s just these past few games that he has been getting anything resembling steady minutes.