Trades that work out for both teams are few and far between in any league at any time of the year.

But when you trade a potential franchise player away and don’t get one back it’s that much more rare.

Now 59 days since the Toronto Raptors traded forward Rudy Gay along with little-used bench players Quincy Acy and Aaron Gray for Patrick Patterson, John Salmons, Greivis Vasquez and Chuck Hayes, both teams are in a better position than they were before the deal.

The Raps had a winning percentage of .368 when they made the deal that ostensibly opened a door for a younger player in Terrence Ross with plenty of potential to start. What it also gave them for the first time in years was a semblance of depth on the roster behind the starting five.

The four players who came over from Sacramento are currently the first four and often the only four off his bench on any given night for head coach Dwane Casey.

With Hayes having jumped ahead of Tyler Hansbrough in Casey’s nine-man rotation, it’s Casey’s starting five and the Sactown Four who have carried the load most nights.

Clearly, the Raptors have made the bigger gains in the standings going from ninth in the conference the day of the trade to tied for third.

The Kings were 14th in the west on the day of the trade and now are tied for last, but both teams have improved their records in the interim.

The key for the Raptors in the trade was the addition of that previously mentioned depth, some old-school toughness, and a focus on team basketball that the trade brought. Patterson and Hayes in particular have made the Raptors a team opponents don’t enjoy playing against.

Salmons brings the veteran saavy quotient up tremendously not to mention his scoring while Vasquez has given the Raptors a scoring presence behind Kyle Lowry when the No. 1 point guard needs a blow.