For a moment, and maybe that’s all it was, there was reason to believe in Bryan Colangelo, in Dwane Casey, in the direction the Raptors seemed to be headed.

But with two home defeats — to the kind of NBA teams you’re mandated to beat at home — the facade disappeared. And now the question has to be asked in Colangelo’s final on his contract: Is he the choice to run the Raptors now and into the future?

Does Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, having fired Brian Burke, having fired the front office of Toronto FC, commit more years to Colangelo?

And if it’s about the general manager now, it also has to be about the head coach. These were horrible defeats to Washington and Cleveland without Kyrie Irving for Casey. The kind that can cost a coach his job going forward.

The matter of who stays and who goes has never seemed more apparent with the Raptors than now.