Terrence Ross returns from his first all-star experience a different player than he went.

Different in that he’ll rarely get away without being recognized in basketball circles anymore, but very much the same in that he’s not going to let it change him.

He’s gone from that guy who made the odd highlight package with a thunderous dunk to the reigning dunk champ of the NBA.

But Terrence Ross the player hasn’t changed.

Ross was only half joking when he said it took him exactly one practice, held Monday night at the home of the George Washington Colonials in downtown D.C., to get right back into his routine.

“I’m already back to my regular self,” Ross said. “Practice kind of set the tone for the rest of the year. I’m back to normal.”

The team recognized his accomplishment in the pre-practice huddle and then went right back to treating him like the rookie he will be for the remainder of the season.

“Everyone congratulated him, said ‘Way to go Rook’ and then I immediately started to get on him about getting back on defence and rotating,” head coach Dwane Casey said.