From about the start of the second half Saturday night when Kyle Lowry did not come out with his team until Dwane Casey in his post-game media scrum described Lowry’s ankle sprain as minor, we were wondering if we had just witnessed the tipping point of the Raptors’ season.

That would be the point where general manager Masai Ujiri has to decide play for now or play for later. Whether to let this team forge ahead and do what they can do or start unloading contracts with a look towards better times ahead.

The line is that fine and it rests rather precariously on the oft-injured status of Lowry.

Already this season Lowry has sprained a tendon in his finger. That turned out to be manageable. Saturday against the Utah Jazz he sprained his right ankle. Again this one was minor. Casey inferred that had the game been in any doubt Lowry could have played.

That’s two potentially time-missing injuries that turned out to be minor. Had either of them been a six-week type of deal, Ujiri’s hand would almost assuredly been forced.

This team is capable of surviving absences by a lot of its players but it won’t survive without Lowry.

Behind him are three young men, all in various stages of their development but none showing any sign of being ready to handle full-time point guard duties just yet

D.J. Augustin is the veteran of the three. He was the protection brought in should Lowry miss time, but as yet has provided little in the way of evidence that he would be able to hold the fort effectively in a longish term absence by Lowry.

Casey certainly hasn’t given up on Augustin. The five-year vet is just three years removed from a season in which he averaged 33 minutes a night, over 14 points, just over six assists and shot just under 42% from the field. That D.J. Augustin could get the Raptors through an injury. But that D.J. Augustin hasn’t been seen in Toronto as of yet.