Vince Carter may be synonymous with No. 15 in Raptors history, but it's not a number that's foreign to Alan Anderson.

Though he wears No. 6 in Toronto now, Anderson wore 15 twice -- in college at Michigan State and in his first year in the NBA with the Charlotte Bobcats -- as an homage to the famous Raptor.

For years, Anderson has delightedly watched Carter shine. Now that he's played against him, that admiration remains intact.

"When I see him play, I'm like, 'This is Vinsanity! This is Vince Carter!" Anderson exclaimed after a shootaround at the Air Canada Centre on Saturday. "The first time I played against him, he was jumping, doing amazing dunks and I was like, 'I get to guard him? This is amazing!"

The Raptors last faced Carter in Dallas on Wednesday when he scored 17 points in the Mavericks' 109-104 victory.

And Anderson wasn't surprised by his performance.

"One thing about Vince is he can always shoot the ball and has a strong knowledge of the game," he said. "He's not as explosive as he once was, but he's still explosive! He can do everything he used to do, so I know he's capable of putting up those numbers."