An NBA assistant coach was hanging around courtside while a group of Raptors went through their usual pre-game shooting workout at the Air Canada Centre recently when the group that included Alan Anderson took the floor.

“That guy can shoot, he’s a shooter and a player,” the coach, with almost two decades of experience, immediately said. “I’d take him on my team.

“He made himself a lot of money this season. Good for him.”

If only Anderson cared.

The Raptors forward, who first signed a 10-day contract in Toronto a year and a day ago, should be in line for a hefty raise and some long-term security when his deal runs out this summer but it seems to be the furthest thing from his mind.

And after all he’s been through — traipsing around the globe playing on one-year deals in far-flung countries where a guy may or may not actually get paid the money he’s owed by sketchy franchise operators — Anderson knows to even think about the future could cloud what’s going on now.

“I don’t worry about the future, I worry about the present,” the 30-year-old said. “I worry about whether I did everything I should have to make it to tomorrow.

“Did I shoot enough shots? Did I go hard enough today in practice? I worry about that. I don’t worry about ‘next week, I have to turn it up a little bit.’ Nah, I don’t worry about that.”

Anderson has turned himself into a more-than-serviceable NBA forward in his year with the Raptors. He’s a streaky three-point shooter but unafraid to take big shots, and his willingness to defend aggressively often makes him stand out from his teammates.