There is plenty to like about the way the Toronto Raptors move the basketball and their collective offensive game these days.

But stopping the opposition is becoming more and more of a hit-and-miss proposition which has to be a worrisome trend if you are Dwane Casey.

Casey spent the better part of the first half of the season trying to re-establish a defensive mindset with this group and for a while there it seemed like his message got through.

Lately, though, defence once again seems like an afterthought.

The Golden State Warriors had their way with the Raptors on Monday night in that regard as they set up shop in the Raptors paint and didn't leave until they had scored 62 points from that area, a season high, or low as the case may be for the locals.

The easy access to the basket from there played a big part in the 53.5% shooting night the Warriors enjoyed on their way to a 114-102 win.

"Our interior defence was porous," Casey admitted. "They did what they wanted to do in the paint. Eddie (Davis) and Amir (Johnson) to this point had done a heck of a job protecting the paint. They were, I think, the best tandem in the league doing that, but tonight (Andrew) Bogut and (David) Lee established themselves in there and we never got a grasp of the painted area again."