Gordon Hayward is certainly familiar with DeMar DeRozan.

Not only has the Jazz shooting guard faced the Raptors star three times over the past two seasons, but he also played alongside him on the USA Men's Select Team this summer.

Though Hayward admits he was impressed with DeRozan during the short time they played together, he wasn't surprised by the young Raptors' ability.

"It wasn't anything that I hadn't already seen before," Hayward said prior to Monday's game at the Air Canada Centre. "He's a really good player. He has shown that each time I've played against him and he showed it when we played together on the Select Team."

DeRozan has historically done well against Utah since his NBA debut in 2009, but especially over the past two seasons, where he has racked up 50 points in the teams' three contests.

Now, playing against each other for the first time since being teammates this summer, Hayward knows that any bond formed will be forgotten once the two hit the court.

"We're all professionals and whoever's out there on the other side on any given day, that's who you're competing against," Hayward said. "In this business, there are times when your opponent can end up on your side, through trades or from playing on something like the Select Team, but we realize it's business as usual when you're on the court."