The horse is beyond dead; it's a mess of bloody road kill. But until there is a resolution, we will continue to talk about it. How can we not, especially when every game seems to bring a new injury to the Avs?

The longer it goes on, however, the angrier I get. Maybe it's a hockey version of the five stages of grief. I don't know, but this is how I've progressed through the "O`Reilly Situation":

1. Hope
2. Doubt
3. Denial
4. Ambivalence
5. Anger Really fucking pissed off

I really hope there's something beyond #5 because this is a self-destructive place to be, not to mention a ridiculous one. It's a game. Nothing more. At least on paper. Unfortunately, for so many of us, it's so very much more. Personally, it's always been that thing that pulled me out of my stress. Even when the team lost, it still helped make my life move livable. It's not even close to doing that now. This crap has just added to the pile.