The minor elbow pain Shin-Soo Choo experienced a week ago has lingered and on Thursday he received an injection of anti-inflammatory medication to combat it.

Choo felt more soreness in the elbow after making a throw home from left field on Wednesday. He was still in the lineup on Thursday, but was at DH instead of in the field.

“This happens every spring training,” he said. “It’s the same problem, the same pain. Normally, it takes about 10 days, I take medicine. I DH. I get treatment. It makes it better.

“This time, I take a shot in my elbow. This year, I don’t know why it’s not better than earlier. I talked to the trainer. I know my body. If this happened during the season, no problem to play. But in spring training, to play makes it worse. There is still a lot of time left here. I’m not worried about it. I just apologize for not playing in the field.”