Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Starling Marte tested positive for an anabolic steroid called nandralone and will miss the next 80 games as a first-time offender of MLB’s performance-enhancing drug policy. Though the absence of Marte, a two-time gold glover and one of the Pirates’ best all-around players, might spell doom for the Pittsburgh club’s postseason hopes, Marte will be ineligible for postseason play in 2017 should his team manage to advance. The missed time will cost Marte about $2.5 million in salary.

Those are the rules, as collectively bargained by MLB and its players association. But there have always been a handful of players vocal in their belief that guys caught using PEDs should face harsher penalties than those in place. And Rangers reliever Jake Diekman took to Twitter in the wake of Marte’s suspension to offer a more interesting suggestion than one as simple and comprehensive as a lifetime ban

Diekman, No one should blame Diekman, who’s currently on the disabled list as he battles ulcerative colitis, for being upset when his Major League colleagues try to get away with using illegal performance-enhancers. Assuming he’s clean, Diekman might at some point face a batter benefiting from an illegal advantage, or even compete for a roster spot and a big-league paycheck with a guy who is undeterred by the league’s standards for steroids punishments.