On his new contract extension:

Kinsler: "It was definitely important for me to be a Ranger. This is the place where I was drafted. This is a place where I was developed and just learned and started relationships with a lot of people. It's a place that I love and a place where I want to stay. After seeing the way it started in 2006 and what we've become, there no reason why I wouldn't want to stay. It was a long negotiation, but it worked out in the end, and I just want to continue that success."

On the possibility of changing positions:

Kinsler: "It was definitely brought up, but there really were no details to it. It really wasn't that in-depth of a conversation. That's down the line. Right now, there really is no reason to talk about it. When it presents itself, and when the opportunity benefits the team, we'll definitely discuss it. Right now, there is no point."