It was Baggie Day in Dolan-ville Monday morning, as Knicks and Rangers alike coincidentally packed their things at the Greenburgh training center, met with officials and plotted their extended vacations.

The Escalades and the Audis pulled into the parking lot. The players ambled inside - disappointed Knicks to the left, depressed Rangers to the right. The two teams couldn't be more different in concept. The Rangers are deep and relatively star-less, while the Knicks are a two-man show, thin as a vapor trail. And yet the frontmen for both sides expressed similar, impatient sentiments:

Carmelo Anthony and Henrik Lundqvist both want title runs sooner than later, because time is ticking.

"I want to be the top team in the East," Anthony said. "We could easily be a 50-plus win team with the games we lost this year. ... I want to win. Nothing else matters."

Anthony will turn 27 next month and has played eight years in the league, while Amar'e Stoudemire is 28 and is a veteran of nine NBA seasons. Both have put considerable weight on those knees and lifted franchises on their backs. Realistically, the Knicks may have only two or three more seasons to make full use of their superstars performing at the highest level.

Stoudemire, too, displayed a sense of urgency in this makeover matter.

"Interior players would be helpful," he said. "I'm not sure who's out there and what can happen. I have every confidence in Mr. (Donnie) Walsh. I'm ready. I think the time is near. The franchise can feel it. The town can feel it."