Breathe it in folks. It's a new year. And if you're a fan of Dallas-based sports teams, it's a welcome purge. DFW was the conjoined mayor of Sucktown Sports in 2012, but the New Year is upon us, and thus, new hope. So what better way to allay your hopes and dreams for 2013 than on the shoulders of a bunch of 18, 19, and 20-year-old knucklehead boys from various parts of the world! It's a good feeling. The emotion of not only inevitable disappointment, but also the spring of a surprise. A happy accident, a fortunate bounce. I've got a few ideas for whom the arrow is headed in one direction or the other, and I thought I'd share them with you. I've got arrows up, arrows down, and arrows sideways. These are just a few of the kids I'm thinking of right now. There'll be others, but these are on my mind now, so they got the crosshairs trained on them for a moment. I presuppose a few level-assignments in these pieces, and these assignments are rather subject to change. We can make a well-educated guess where a kid will ply his trade, but until he's there, it's still just a guess. Whatever. Let's have some fun. Here's the kids for whom 2013 could be a memorable one.

Arrow UP:

Luis Sardinas: Healthy and likely headed to Myrtle Beach, the former part of that statement is more important than the latter. When Sardi is healthy, he's a special prospect. A graceful, lanky specimen, lithely gliding left and right easily scooping up oncoming lasers. He's a switch hitter capable of putting enough of a sting on the ball to enable his speedy jets to get fired up, sending him catapulting out of the box towards the bases. Stay healthy. Play hard. Everyday.

Roman Mendez: Two plus pitches. It's that simple. I was going through my charts this week from his late-season appearances in Frisco and there were quite a few more 97s than I had remembered. And everybody knows when his mechanics stay clean, the slider has a lovely two-plane dip that teases hitters into thinking they have a shot at it. He doesn't get the pub of some of his teammates, but he's good, and he's not far from contributing at higher levels. I've no idea if they'll keep him as a starter for the time being, but I know if those two offerings are on, he'll be able to get guys out with them.

Hanser Alberto: I don't know if I'm ready to call him a "hitting machine", but I know I'm ready to call him a "contact machine". He wore 4 uniforms in 2012 (Hick, MB, Surprise-AFL, Gigantes- DWL) and it's my hope that he only wears one in 2013, Frisco Rough Riders. Sure, the jump to AA is regarded as one of the most challenging in a player's development, but Hanser hits, and I think he'll love hitting in Frisco's park. The club may dock him in Myrtle for a bit, but I hope not. He's a mature kid capable of playing on the left side of the infield (plus I'd like Myrtle's left side to be Sardi & Robinson nearly everyday).