Rick Nash and the Rangers.

Say it a few times. Let it sink in.

For while Henrik Lundqvist is the bedrock of this proud Broadway franchise, he is not their only star, not the only player in red, white and blue capable of turning the tide of a game or a playoff series or maybe even − why not? − a postseason.

Lundqvist has been superb in this first-round clash with the Montreal Canadiens. Still, there was only so much a goalie could do on Tuesday night, only so many saves he could make in a pivotal Game 4 to prevent the Rangers from sliding to a seventh straight home postseason loss and a three games-to-one series deficit.

No, ‘Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers’ are formidable. But when No. 61 plays well enough that they can be referred to as ‘Rick Nash and the Rangers,’ these Blueshirts are at their most imposing, at their best, and capable of the greatness that they and their loyal fans annually expect.

And that is what Nash gave in this must-have 2-1 win, not just scoring the winning goal but positioning himself to score three or four if he had gotten the proper bounces, playing with an edge and a determination that make him − on such nights − the best player on the ice.