Jimmy Graham currently leads the NFL with 15 touchdowns catches. A quintet, led by Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson, sits at 12. Randy Moss believes if he were still playing he could have more touchdowns than all of them.

"If I had to go out here and feed my family by getting back on that football field, I could still put up 15 or 16 touchdowns," the wide receiver-turned broadcast analyst told FOX Sports. "I can still play the game. I don't know what a lot of people (saw) last year, but I know what it looked like. It looked like I was old and that they were trying to keep me fresh and things like that, but I can still play the game of football."

Luckily Mr. Moss doesn't need to play football to feed his family. The 36-year-old's analysis of his play last season, which produced 28 catches and three touchdowns, is spot on.

Unlike some prima donna receivers whom the NFL is finished with, Moss knows his career is over -- even if he still possesses an overabundance of confidence in his skills.