The No. 2 overall pick belonging to the St. Louis Rams isn't officially for sale yet but it's probably safe to call it what real estate types refer to as a pocket listing.

Rams general manager Les Snead discussed the pick and more Thursday afternoon and though he was reluctant to say his team is ready to auction the No. 2 pick it got from Washington, he also made it clear that all options are again under consideration.

"I don't want to sit here and go, 'Guess what, we're trading back no matter what,'" Snead said. "You've always got to prepare for: What if you're there and nobody wants to trade? What if you actually want to take a player? I think it just helps you thoroughly prepare that if you do move back, if you move back to this slot, what type of player, who do you think you'll be picking from there? The thing you've got to evaluate is is that worthwhile depending on what you get?"

Of course, that doesn't mean if one of the many quarterback or Jadeveon Clowney-needy teams out there were to call Snead that he'd let it go to voicemail.

"I think the [phone lines] are always open," Snead said.

When Snead made the 2012 trade with Washington that landed the pick that would become this No. 2 selection, things came together quickly. Once all of the underclassmen declared and it was clear that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III were the two "franchise" quarterbacks available, the value of that No. 2 pick was obvious.

With Indianapolis drafting No. 1 overall, it was nearly certain that Peyton Manning would be on his way out and Luck was going to be the successor.

Put simply, if a team wanted Luck or Griffin, it had to get where only the Rams and Colts were.

Snead set a price and Washington was the first team to meet it. More than a month from the draft, the deal was done. Don't expect that perfect storm to materialize in such a neat package this time around.