The Rams, because they traded away the right to draft No. 2 overall in the 2012 draft so the Redskins could take Robert Griffin III, have the No. 2 overall and the No. 13 overall picks in this year's draft.

Aside from the Texans at No. 1 overall, the Rams might have the most leverage or power of any squad in the draft, mostly because they don't need a franchise quarterback and they have a pretty decent left tackle in Jake Long (so they wouldn't necessarily need to draft Auburn tackle Greg Robinson, as four of the five mock drafters are predicting-- unless they wanted to place him on the right side of the line). Jadeveon Clowney would be a strong pick, but St. Louis already has one of the best pass-rushers, Robert Quinn, on its team.

So, why not think about a trade? That seems to be the thought process of Rams general manager Les Snead, who told's Greg Bedard that St. Louis has been talking to teams.

“We have had some conversations with multiple teams,” Snead said. “They're more flirtatious calls than anything. We have numbers 2 and 13, but Houston has No. 1. Nobody can really seriously chat with us until they are happy with at least two players. I think what might happen as we get closer to the draft, maybe it comes to fruition what Houston is going to do, maybe it doesn't, you have more serious talks probably the week of the draft going, ‘Hey, if our player is there at 2, this is what we're going to offer.' I think it will get more serious.”

Making matters even better for Rams are the depth of this year's draft and the notion that a number of players could fit into the top-2 taken (Clowney, Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Robinson, Teddy Bridgewater, maybe even Khalil Mack all are legitimate players that could be grabbed at either No. 1 or No. 2).

“I actually think there's more than one player that people would want to move up for. I just don't know what they'd want to give to move up,” Snead said. “At the top maybe there's four or five players who were one step or one notch ahead of the very good, and sometimes a team might say we need to get that guy. You don't know the value of what people would be willing to give. The fact that there could be multiple teams eyeing one of those guys could drive up the price a little bit.”