The St. Louis Rams broke it off with Rob Ryan over reported concerns with his fascination with the 3-4 defense. A day after the annulment, the Rams are expected to reach out to former Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron, himself officially fired on Monday.

Jauron's a more natural fit for the system that the Rams run, a 4-3 base defense that borrows heavily from the Cover-2 concept. Don't let the labels and simple-minded talk radio callers fool you, Jauron's defense used its fair share of man coverage too, especially with Joe Haden.

Cleveland's defense experienced some ups and down with Jauron at the helm. In 2011, the unit was the fifth-best in terms of points allowed with an average of 19.2 per game. They ranked as the 11th-best defense in terms of yards allowed. Injuries took a heavy toll this season. They had the second-best pass defense that year.

Also worth noting about the Browns defense in 2011 was that it was the first year they switched to a 4-3 from a 3-4.

Star defensive tackle Phil Taylor played just eight games and Joe Haden sat out some because of an Adderall suspension. The unit ranked 19th for points allowed with an average of 23 per game. The 2012 Rams, by comparison, allowed 21.8 points per game in 2012.