Cortland Finnegan got an up-close look at how good Calvin Johnson was last year, not that he needed any reminders.

Johnson caught six passes for 111 yards in a Week 1 win against the Rams, and Finnegan said at the Nate Burleson-Stephen Tulloch charity softball game today he wasn’t the least bit surprised Johnson went on to break Jerry Rice’s single-season receiving record.

“I know it didn’t surprise you guys,” he said. “You don’t have the name Megatron for any other reason other than you’re a bad man. So that’s where it’s at. They had a lot of good things going for them. Slot receivers, (Matthew) Stafford is amazing. They picked up some good stuff this year. So (Jim) Schwartz, he’s always going to put together a good team.”

Finnegan said he had some discussions with the Lions prior to signing a free-agent deal with the Rams last year, but the Lions “just couldn’t work (a deal) out being that they had a lot of high-profile guys.”

Finnegan played for Lions coach Jim Schwartz in Tennessee, where he was teammates with Tulloch, who brought him in as a ringer for Saturday’s game against Burleson’s team.