Thursday’s trade deadline is at 3 p.m., but as of Wednesday night, all was quiet on the Celtics’ front, according to a league source.

Despite a flurry of trade rumors about teams being interested in Rondo, the source said the Celtics were not close to completing any deals and that there wasn’t much activity at all. Another league source stressed it was highly unlikely the team will trade Rondo.

The Celtics already have many enticing assets — including as many as 10 first-round draft picks over the next five years — that will help speed along their rebuilding process, so it’s not as though the team is desperate to make a move.

The Celtics are a little less than $1 million below this season’s $71.75 million luxury tax line and would like to clear some salary cap space if possible, but ownership has maintained that it would go over the tax line to help facilitate a deal if necessary.