Boston Celtics All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo surprised the media after Boston beat the Brooklyn Nets in preseason play Oct. 23.
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During the unexpected question-and-answer session, Rondo revealed that the rehabilitation of his torn ACL is improving better than some in the media have speculated in recent weeks.

As's Marc D'Amico reported, Rondo announced to the gathered reporters, "I got fitted for my first brace, so I don't think contact will be too far from now. So I'm just waiting to get cleared from my doctors."

Rondo added that he was "feeling great" and that his leg was progressively "getting stronger" through daily workouts.

The recovery of the Celtics' lone remaining star player couldn't come soon enough. Boston was absolutely atrocious in preseason play, losing six of eight contests and all four games on the road. Without Rondo, Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett in the lineup for the first time since 2006-2007, the Celtics look completely lost on offense, relying heavily on three-point shots and high-volume field-goal attempts.

Rajon Rondo's speedy return to the team, however, is likely to be more important for the long-term health of the organization for reasons that have nothing to do with competing for the eighth spot in the 2013-2014 playoffs. The sooner their star player returns, the earlier the team can start exploring potential trade options with interested organizations around the league.

For those naysayers who maintain the position that Rondo is nowhere near the trade block, consider the comments of's Marc Stein, who recently wrote in his 2013-2014 power rankings that the Celtics "have to trade Rondo." Stein continued, "You know it, I know it, everyone in basketball knows it."