Looks like Colin Kaepernick was right. The Green Bay Packers did end last season dazed and confused.

Former Packers' defensive back Charles Woodson on Monday confirmed what Kaepernick told TheMMQB.com last week -- that Green Bay's defense was so rattled during last season's playoff loss players turned on each other in the huddle.

When the 49ers overheard them Kaepernick said they knew victory was theirs.

"So was he right?" I asked Woodson.

"Yeah" he said "there's a little truth to it. I don't think it was to the extent that guys were yelling at each other. But there was indecision at times about what we were supposed to do ... and it showed. So he's right."

The Packers not only lost 45-31 but San Francisco rolled up a franchise-record 579 yards in offense including 181 rushing and two touchdowns by Kaepernick.