There are currently three professional teams located on the site where Coliseum and Oracle arena currently stand. But only one of them is making the necessary efforts to stay there - the Raiders.

On Tuesday the Raiders notified some 4,850 season ticket holders who were seated in the Mt Davis upper deck section of the stadium that their seats would be moving. Mt Davis as well as a few other upper deck sections will no longer be available and will be tarped off during games.

Their seats now will actually be arguably better and along with it their season ticket price will go down from around $360 to $250. In addition, all season ticket holders receive a $10 discount.

This decision was made for, as Trask says "to create that vibrant community of season ticket holders." It will also be much easier to sell out. The removal of Mt Davis from the seating chart puts the number of available seats at 53,200 instead of the 64,000 it was before. This, with the 85% rule the Raiders accepted would mean the team must sell around 45,000 seats to meet the minimum requirement to be televised locally.