Where has Marcel Reece been in the Raiders offense? There is little doubt that Marcel is a difference maker with the ball in his hands but he has not been able to get going yet this year in OC Greg Olson's offense. The Raiders need to do something about this mismanagement of assets because Reece is too damn good of a player not to utilize.

Marcel on the season has touched the ball only 19 times in 6 games so far this year. He has 9 carries for 47 yards with a TD and 10 receptions for 86 yards with a TD receiving as well in 2013 so why has he not been more involved? When he gets the ball he is productive and an undeniable mismatch with his 4.4 speed in a 250+ pound frame.

According to Greg Olson Reece has been at the top of progressions in a number of play calls but the ball just isn't going his way. This is something that needs to be fixed even if it is at the expense of Darren McFadden getting his touches.

"Again" said Coach Olson "unless you're handing him the football which we have to monitor what we're doing because we have to make sure that Darren McFadden is getting enough touches and with Marcel it's changed a little bit this year because of the quarterback position. We've become more of a read-option kind of an offense. A lot of times in the passing game he may be involved or may be in the progression but if he's not catching it in the passing game the best chance of getting him the football is to hand the ball off."

At this point even if it does mean less carries for Darren McFadden then so be it. If the passes are not heading in Marcel's direction then hand it off to him he is a playmaker that needs to be utilized. Darren has not been making the difference the Raiders need in the rushing department this season (though the depleted offensive line shoulders part of the blame there) so they don't have much to lose by giving some of his carries to the more powerful Reece anyway.