It may not matter whether the quarterback is Terrelle Pryor or Matt Flynn.
Given the history of Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan quarterback is a secondary story for the Raiders if they can't keep Alfred Morris under control Sunday at Coliseum. Chances are that if the Redskins break out of an 0-3 start with their first win it will include a lot of cutback runs by Morris.

Shanahan has 167 NFL wins as a head coach and is 21-7 against the Raiders the most victories he has against any NFL team. The formula has been consistent since he was fired by Al Davis six games into the 1989 season - run his former team into the ground.

All of Shanahan's games against the Raiders came with the Denver Broncos but the plan of attack is the same with Washington - lots of stretch-plays in a zone scheme with a non-descript running back.

"You look wherever Coach Shanahan has been his teams have always been able to run the ball with that zone scheme" Raiders coach Dennis Allen said. "The thing they try to do is get guys to run sideways and stretch the defense then hit the cut-back. It will be critical for our guys to attack the line of scrimmage."

The zone scheme is not always easy to execute - witness the difficulties the Raiders had running it last year. It requires mobile offensive linemen and a patient runner that knows how to read his blocking and make an up-field cut against the flow of the defense.

The Broncos made a living doing it against the Raiders out-rushing Oakland 2857 yards to 1641 in their 21 wins and being out-rushed 914 yards to 747 in the seven losses.

In the 28 games Shanahan has coached against the Raiders Denver had 30-14 advantage in rushing touchdowns.