Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor took the game’s first snap 93 yards for a touchdown. Darren McFadden scored twice more and then the offense shut down completely.

No matter. The defense never let up. That unit was downright dominant in a 21-18 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon at Oakland Coliseum.

While the offense lost momentum in the second half, the defense never did. The unit shut down the Steelers running game, harassed quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to no end and neutralized Pittsburgh’s vertical passing game.

That’s why the Raiders were able to survive despite losing the turnover battle. Pryor threw two interceptions and Jacoby Ford fumbled deep in Raiders territory. The Steelers came away with just one touchdown. Pittsburgh crossed the plane first in the fourth quarter, but Raiders still held a commanding lead.

Mike Jenkins had an interception and later forced a fumbled that Tracy Porter recovered, but the Steelers did not go quietly.

They inched back into the game because the Raiders offense went quiet in the second half, recording just one first down over the final periods. The Raiders played it safe as the game wore on despite the fact that the running game stopped producing.

Pittsburgh cut it close with a Le’Veon Bell touchdown with 90 seconds left, which wasn’t enough to complete an improbable comeback.