The offseason concerns of the Oakland Raiders won't be limited to their players and coaching staff, after members of their cheerleading squad filed a lawsuit against the team.

Bay Area News Group first reported that a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of current and former Raiderettes at the Alameda County Superior Court on Wednesday.

The suit alleges the Oakland Raiders failed to compensate their cheerleaders for hours worked, overtime, business expenses and failed to provide meal or rest breaks.

The case was filed by the law offices of Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams LLP in Oakland, and they claim the Raiderettes are paid $1,250 for working an entire season, which amounts to less than $5.00 per hour. According to the court documents, the Raiderettes sign a contract agreeing to receive their compensation at the conclusion of the season with their wages subject to fines.

"This is one of the most egregious contracts that I have ever seen," attorney Sharon Vinick said. "It's filled with provisions that are illegal and it's hard to imagine that a lawyer reviewing this contract would permit them to present it to their cheerleaders to sign."

The lead plaintiff on the lawsuit, Lacy T. (last name withheld for safety reasons), joined the Raiders for the 2013 season after spending two years as a cheerleader for the Golden State Warriors.

"There was a big difference in the way I was treated in the NBA versus the NFL." Lacy T. said. "In the NBA, we were paid every two weeks. We were paid $10 an hour for all hours worked, if we practiced late, we got paid more. We were paid for photo shoots. And that just wasn't the case in the NFL."

Lacy is a stay-at-home mother and claims that she chose to file the lawsuit because the financial burden was too much to handle.