Years ago, Raiders boss Al Davis had a front-office lieutenant everyone called Little Al. One of his jobs was to assemble the Raiderettes - the squad itself, not the individual cheerleaders, who came already assembled.

Before kickoff at a season opener, Little Al stood on the sideline watching his Raiderettes and said to a sportswriter, "Great crop, isn't it?"

Now, to use an analogy as tortured as the Raiders' long quest to achieve mediocrity, the organization is reaping the grapes of wrath.

A Raiderette has filed a lawsuit on behalf of her teammates, charging wage theft. The plaintiff claims the Raiders pay the Raiderettes well below the minimum wage, especially when you factor in mandatory practices and appearances. Also, the year's salary for each cheerleader, $1,250, is withheld until the end of the season, and Raiderettes are fined for minor infractions.