Major League Baseball decided Thursday to implement instant replay on virtually every play but the strikezone - including three manager's challenges per game - that will begin in 2014 Commissioner Bud Selig announced.

"It's a historic day'' Selig said.

MLB vice president Joe Torre Atlanta Braves GM John Schuerholz and advisor Tony La Russa presented the all-encompassing replay proposal to the 30 ownership groups which was widely accepted Selig said and expected to be formalized at their quarterly owners' meetings Nov. 13-14 in Orlando Fla.

The replay will include up to three challenges that mangers will be provided during a game one in the first six innings and two beginning in the seventh inning through the game's duration. If a manager is successful with his replay challenge he will not be charged with a review.

If a manager exhausts his three challenges and umpire crew can make a review of its own only to determine home-run calls a rule that will be grandfathered in with the new regulations.