Streamers? Really?

Isn’t there some rule against dropping celebratory streamers after beating the second-worst team in the NBA, a team with only seven players suited up for the game, by a mere six points?

“Hey, give them credit, they fought hard,” said Tony Allen, channeling his inner Josh Pastner. “A win is win.”

So streamers it is, after all.

If not for this one game, for this whole stretch. If not for definitely answering all questions about the trades that reshaped the franchise, for turning their volume way, way down.

The Memphis Grizzlies defeated the Orlando Magic at FedExForum on Friday night, 88-82. If you didn’t know better, you really might have thought you’d stumbled into a University of Memphis game.

You know, everybody grumbling about the margin of victory over a hapless opponent. Except, even Conference USA opponents show up with more than seven guys who can play.