Manager Ozzie Guillen dropped Adam Dunn from third to fifth in the Chicago White Sox' batting order, but it's Carlos Quentin who benefitted more from the changes.

Quentin hit three home runs, and Dunn hit a home run in the top of the sixth inning as the Sox held on for a 8-6 victory over Texas in a game that ended at 1:27 a.m.

The game was delayed for two hours, 58 minutes after the top of the third because of heavy rains and hail at Rangers Ballpark.

This marked the first three-homer game of Quentin's career, as he increased his season total to 12. He hit a solo shot in the first. His most impressive homer came in the fourth. Despite a stiff wind, Quentin ripped a three-run shot well over the right field fence that traveled an estimated 403 feet.

Before Quentin's homer, the winds were so fierce that fans sitting in the upper deck were asked to move to lower levels. And during the rain delay, fans moved to the lower tunnels becaause of the threat of a tornado.