The Blackhawks' practice schedule has been pretty quiet lately.

Actually, since starting the regular season on Jan. 19, the Blackhawks haven't had one. Instead, they've used those precious days between games to rest, to recuperate and recharge for their following game.

"Guys don't mind having days off," coach Joel Quenneville recently said with a smile.

Yes, those days off are nice to have. But considering this hectic 48-game season, they're more of a necessity than anything. The Blackhawks just wrapped up a slate of six games in nine days during which, any off day in between was truly an off day. When the Blackhawks take the ice on Tuesday, it'll be their first practice since Jan. 18, the day before their season began.

The players have obviously relished those rest days with this schedule. And in one way, it's not so bad: they usually like playing games over practices, too.

"I don't mind this at all, actually," forward Viktor Stalberg said recently. "There's not too much down time but time flies by, playing every other day. It's been exciting so far.

"It's not a bad thing," Stalberg said. "But we want a practice in there at some point."