One Quebec school would rather see their students not wearing hockey jerseys to school at all than see some students wearing Boston Bruins sweaters.

OK, so that's not entirely the message from an elementary school in St-Leonard, Quebec but it's pretty close. The school had planned for a Montreal Canadiens jersey day for Thursday before calling it off. Why? Because a parent complained that a girl was told she couldn't wear her Bobby Orr Bruins jersey in a previous sweater day.

Ahhh, hockey rivalries.

The real reasoning behind the move to cancel the day's festivities, at least according to school board spokeman Mike Cohen, was to keep tensions down. From the CBC:

"We don't think it's prudent for a student to wear a Boston Bruins jersey in a school during this very intensive playoff play," Cohen said.

"At this stage in the game, with the Canadiens leading the series 2-1, why ignite things, why create a controversy," he added.

The girl's father, who didn't make the complaint, said his daughter is a life-long Bruins fan and she felt excluded when she couldn't wear her favorite team's jersey. His take is that he'd like to see the school use it as a teaching moment and not let it remain divisive.