David Carr said “I was a selfish player for a long time’’ but that time has come and gone, which is why he can deal with the Giants moving up in the NFL Draft to select Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib, 23, a move that directly affects Carr.

“I would have freaked out 10 years ago,” Carr said Wednesday during Giants minicamp.

Carr, 33, is entering his 12th NFL season and once again is looking to stick on the roster as Eli Manning’s backup. Sticking around this year figures to be a stiff challenge for Carr, as in past years he never had to compete with a highly-touted draft pick virtually assured of gaining a roster spot. But Carr is still mentoring the rookie.

“I’m trying to help Ryan,” Carr said. “This is my 12th year and there are a lot of things I can teach him. He’s going to play a lot longer than me. I’m going to be done playing and he’s still going to be playing at some point. Hopefully he can look at me as a guy who helped him and didn’t hurt him.”