As we all sit captivated by the NFL Playoffs, even though the games weren't exactly thrilling this weekend, Major League Baseball General Managers are quietly working to mold their teams into the best shape for the 2013 season. While many of the prime free agents have chosen their new destinations, a few All Star caliber players do remain on the market (Michael Bourn, Rafael Soriano to name a couple), and for those players they need to maximize their value in a very short amount of time. The A's though have been conspicuously quiet this offseason as Devin Pangaro examined on Monday, and with that the doubters have reemerged. The Los Angeles Angels went at it again by throwing money at their problems and ending up with Josh Hamilton, the Texas Rangers have swung and missed on every big move they've attempted to make (No, signing A.J. Pierzynski and Lance Berkman do not count as a big moves), the Seattle Mariners seem destined for mediocrity once again, and oh yeah… the Houston Astros are now in the AL West and they lost 106 games last year. The A's are in a position to fight for the division crown once again, but have they done everything they need to do to withstand the Angels and the Rangers onslaught?