The Raiders believe quarterback Terrelle Pryor continues to progress. The numbers disagree.

Pryor has thrown one touchdown and seven interceptions over the past three games. He threw four touchdowns and a pick in the previous four. Big difference.

Evaluating Pryor isn’t so cut and dry. He leads the team in rushing with 7.7 yards per carry. He’s one of a select few dual-threat quarterbacks, a dimension that has kept the Raiders competitive this season. There’s no arguing that.

If we’re being honest, Pryor has work to do. He runs a passing game ranked No. 30 at 197.8 yards per game. That isn’t all Pryor’s fault. There’s a suspect offensive line in front. The tight ends are virtually invisible these days. So are the backup receivers.

But Pryor too has his shortcomings. He delivers the ball late sometimes. He’ll occasionally put a receiver in line for a big hit. He also has a penchant for scrambling, sometimes a bit too soon. That turns a drop back into a broken play, where the original plan is largely scrapped.

Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said Pryor needs to trust his protection more. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson agrees, but he doesn’t want to limit Pryor’s instincts.