Some players exited the Raiders facility Wednesday and headed for far-away places anywhere to get away from the daily grind of the NFL if only for a few days. For quarterback Terrelle Pryor it was business as usual.
See Pryor isn’t one to take days off. Each day is another opportunity for him to get better. To that end he spent two days with offensive coordinator Greg Olson and quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo watching video and getting a better grasp of “situational football” Pryor said.
Pryor used another day to work with throwing mechanics guru Tom House a former major-league pitcher who has carved out a niche as a specialist for athletes seeking ways to improve their throwing.
Olson first recommended House to Pryor this offseason. Pryor followed through worked with House and returned a refined quarterback. During the bye week House traveled to Oakland where he helped Pryor iron out a few kinks.
In particular Pryor said House pointed out that Pryor got a bit out of whack with his balance and keeping his ear over his right (back) foot when he throws.
“I wasn’t exploding as much as I should be” Pryor said. “That was the main thing getting my balance and getting my ear back there all the time and sitting on the back foot. That was a thing we really attacked and got better at as that bye week progressed.”
By the end of the week Pryor felt confident that he had tightened up his throwing mechanics improved his understanding on ways to direct the offense and positioned himself to succeed the final 10 games and beyond.
“I got better” Pryor said. “It was a great time to get some work in. I didn’t really get any days off. There’s no time to get off anyways. You have to work constantly to improve.”
Pryor said Olson is fond of cautioning against so-called “briefcase coaches and players.”
Here’s Pryor’s explanation for just what that phrase means and how it does nothing to describe his approach to his craft.
A briefcase player is “a guy that after practice and the meeting you just take off and go” Pryor said. “You have to stay and spend some extra time on your work and your craft because when it comes down to it at the end of the day there’s no replays at the end of the game. It’s for real.
“You’re gonna be looked at how you play and overcome stuff in that game at the end of the day. You have to make sure when you go out there and game day you know what’s going on.”
Few work as hard or as long as Pryor.