Jorge Soler is huge — 6-3, massive-expectations, nearly-hit-a-truck-with-a-home-run huge.

That last part happened during batting practice Friday. It was his first day in a major-league spring-training camp, on a day he said, ‘‘I feel a little bit tired,’’ after flying from Miami to Arizona that morning.

The Cubs’ marquee international free agent from a year ago impressed manager Dale Sveum enough for him to say: ‘‘He kind of reminds me of a right-handed Cliff Floyd, the way he takes BP.’’

If he stays healthier in his career than Floyd did, Soler might live up to the expectations Cubs fans — many of whom lined up for his autograph at Fitch Park — have for him.

‘‘He has the hand strength, which none of us can teach,’’ Sveum said. ‘‘The ball comes off his bat like you want a ball to come off the bat if you’re a manager.’’

But don’t expect to see Soler in the big leagues any time soon, even with the nine-year, $30 million deal he signed in July.

‘‘I don’t see that,’’ Sveum said. ‘‘We all know about the tools, but the fast track . . . there’s no reason to do that. He’s still got to play and learn so much and face better pitching on a consistent basis, face older pitchers. . . . That experience factor comes in handy.’’