It was only a couple weeks ago that injured defenseman Chris Pronger was last on the ice.

He wasn’t playing. He was just skating with his two sons and his daughter. For a guy who’s a sure-fire Hall of Famer it didn’t go well.

“Moving in a straight line slowly was OK” Pronger said. “You start turning and spinning and things like that and you get lightheaded and dizzy and you start having some of those symptoms and you get brought back down to the real world real quick.”

Instead of a visor-less helmet and a game face the 38-year-old defenseman wears glasses and a forced smile. Ever since being hit in the eye on Oct. 24 2011 he’s never been the same.

Once the Flyers’ captain Pronger played only five games after sustaining an ocular concussion the effects of which have surely ended his career.

“Some days are a little erratic. You have highs and lows” said Pronger still on the Flyers’ roster and in town for the start of training camp. “My therapy’s going well and my eye treatment has progressed along. We’re moving in the right direction.”

Off the ice the defenseman has always been quick-witted and playful with reporters. That part hasn’t changed.

“Somehow I just got a headache” Pronger said with a laugh when first asked how he was feeling.